Graphic design reinvented.

Simple, Affordable, Scalable.

Feazer simplifies access to graphic design with its tested and qualified graphic designers assisted by its technology.

All your projects under one platform

Manage all your projects online with your Feazer project manager

Make your briefs easily

By answering a few questions and providing us with all the attachments you want.

Communicate quickly

With your dedicated project manager who manages your projects and keeps you informed of their progress.

Manage your projects easily

All your projects managed in one place. Your communications and files are grouped by project.

Our scope of work

What we do

Digital (STANDARD)

Static visuals web (banner, images) & social networks (banner, post, ads), pictograms, icons…


Brochure, flyer, poster, magazine ad, product sheet, kakemono, e-book, packaging, stickers, stationery kit, t-shirt…

Logo & Visual Identity (ESSENTIAL)

Logo creation & identity guide (based on a clear concept and direction)

Infographics (ESSENTIAL)

Creation of infographics based on comprehensive content provided

Modern illustrations (ESSENTIAL)

Creation of modern web illustrations (vectorial) in line with the examples presented

Web & App design (ESSENTIAL)

Simple UI design of web page, landing page and mobile application based on clear and finalized mockups

2-3 second GIFs (ESSENTIAL)

Creation of GIFs of about 2-3 seconds

Powerpoint & Google Slides (Not included - A la carte)

Adjustment & optimization of slides. Redesign of slides

What we do NOT do

Videos and graphic animations

Video editing, complex animation, motion design (available soon), Powerpoint animation

Photo processing

Editing, manipulation and complex editing of photos. Purchase of photos


Any programming language. Coding and integration in emailing tools. UX study and design

Content, copywriting and data

Creation, input, re-consolidation/reconciliation of texts or data. Drafting or correction of written content

Graphic advices

Any advice or study in graphic design carried out before the creation or the graphic execution

Production media outside the Adobe suite

We do not make graphics in Word, Excel, emailing tools, Figma, Sketch…

Is Feazer the right solution for me?

The first question you need to ask yourself is : 

Can I easily explain or show the design I want?

😃  YES I know exactly what I want

Great! Feazer is the right solution 😋

🤔 NO I don’t really know what I want

Feazer is a solution to execute your graphic designs.

If you feel that you need advice and guidance on the graphic design to be created, Feazer will surely not be the most suitable solution for you at the moment 😢…but can be in a near future 😉