Who are we?

A start-up offering an innovative subscription-based graphic design solution


We are a start-up based in Lyon (France) and in several countries around the world. We offer an innovative subscription-based graphic design solution to meet all the creative needs of marketing, communications and digital teams.

Feazer is a member of French Tech


Launching year


A presence in 4 European countries


Customers who trust us


Projects completed since 2020


Talent knows no boundaries


From day 1, we at Feazer have been convinced that talent is to be found everywhere in France and around the world. That’s why we’ve decided to operate exclusively from home, working only with the top 1% of talent and the most motivated people.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t get together during the year for team-building events. After the effort, the comfort 🤗

Our CSR commitment

Making an impact in France and worldwide


Environmental impact

Reducing our carbon footprint

At Feazer, we decided from the outset to work 100% from home.

This means we don’t have to commute from home to the office, reducing the use of cars and transport, and having an impact on CO2 emissions.

We meet once or twice a year for team seminars.


Social Impact France

Favoring provincial talent

Graphic design is a ubiquitous activity in marketing departments and therefore in corporate head offices.

Paris is the main economic hub in France, followed by major cities such as Lyon and Marseille.

At Feazer, we believe that there are no geographical limits to talent.

We recruit on the basis of skills, not location. Our French team is therefore spread across the 4 corners of France.

Social Impact Worldwide

Creating a better future for the world’s talents

At Feazer, we believe there is a wealth of talent around the world, particularly in emerging countries. Our mission is to create a better future by helping them in our own way.

Top 1% of graphic designers

We test and select only the best, most talented and most motivated graphic designers from hundreds of applications every month from all over the world.

Compensation that can change their lives

We offer them a salary 2 to 5 times higher on average than what they can earn in their home country.

Ready? Get started tomorrow

Feazer helps all businesses preserve their most precious resource: their time. Join us and change the way you do graphic design.