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Good understanding of the initial brief. Good compliance with the charter and DA of the masters given as examples. Good monitoring of the project with our project manager and good relationship. Efficient during the modification phases, of which there were many. We are very satisfied.

Charlotte Penasse, Digital Project Manager

The team’s responsiveness enabled us to make rapid progress on this project, and even if some modifications were necessary, the team did a good job, and the results were better than expected. Thank you

Laura Doux, E-retail Manager

Fresh (groupe LVMH)

Excellent responsiveness and responsiveness to feedback, delivering assets to tight deadlines. Very good appropriation of the brand charter and tone.

Emie Brûlé, Customer loyalty project manager

Feazer is a great idea that really meets a need, and one that I’d like to support. I definitely see Feazer as a complementary solution for those times when we need to produce a lot quickly.

Kim Reyes, Head of brand


Feazer lets us work as a team on the same platform. A very attractive all-in-one package. Highly responsive, with delivery in just a few days.

Lucas Demange, Marketing Manager


We’ve been using Feazer for over 2 years and we’re very satisfied with the service. Having a fixed subscription with our dedicated graphic designers on a single platform is very practical.

Karen Adediran, Chief Communication Officer

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Custom Plan

Creating Powerpoint presentations for marketing and sales forces

Nancy, Strategic and Merchandising Manager, talks about her collaboration with Feazer and the graphic challenges facing the Bjorg & Compagnie group.

Essential Plan

Creation of Powerpoint and presentation documents for the marketing and sales teams.

Céline, Marketing Director, talks about her collaboration with Feazer and the graphic challenges for Mooncard.

Essential & Start Plan

Creation of catalogues, Powerpoint, POS and digital assets for the product marketing team

Arielle, International Product Manager, talks about her collaboration with Feazer and the graphic challenges for Isispharma

Essential Plan

Creation of Powerpoint presentations, visuals for the website and social networks following the rebranding of the brand.

Matthieu, Marketing Manager, talks about his collaboration with Feazer and the graphic challenges for Alumnforce.

Essential Plan

Creation of visuals for social networks and PPT presentations for the communications department and consultants.

Nagy, Head of HR & Communications, talks about working with Feazer and the graphic challenges facing Kano Consulting.

Ultimate & Essential plans

Creation of visuals for Ads campaigns and motion design videos

Casilde, Growth Marketing consultant, talks about her collaboration with Feazer and the graphic challenges facing Digilityx

Start plan

Creation of visuals and photo clipping for situation scenarios

Ludovic and Flavia, founders, talk about their collaboration with Feazer and their graphic challenges for Ludovic Ballouard.

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