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How did Mooncard manage to deliver all its graphic communications on time?

Founded in 2016, Mooncard is an integrated expense management platform. Mooncard’s software is the leader in expense management and corporate purchasing.

Mooncard’s mission is to alleviate the mental burden on employees, allowing them to focus on value-driven tasks. Through the automation of expense management, Mooncard streamlines day-to-day operations for employees by integrating payment cards with accounting software.

Operating all across Europe, Mooncard has garnered the trust of over 4,500 companies, including the French government.

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Why choose Feazer?


Mooncard initially lacked an in-house graphic designer, relying on an agency to produce its graphic materials. Their primary requirement was to tailor all communications for both digital and print media.

Feazer’s graphic designers exhibited remarkable responsiveness across various media channels, allowing Mooncard to uphold communication quality and allocate time to innovate new projects.

With Essential packages, Feazer has crafted a range of deliverables for Mooncard:

• Digital Design: website usecases

• Print Design: flyers

• Presentation Design: external sales brochures, payment glossary, playbook (sales model), internal monthly reports




We discovered Feazer over a year ago. We had a graphic designer who had to produce all graphic elements (digital, print) internally or externally. The first needs we had were for modifications to presentations, intended for sales staff (modifying masks, realigning bullets, modifying the graphic charter…) and the graphic designer was spending 90% of her time making modifications that didn’t allow her to progress on other projects. So we started working with Feazer on presentations, which freed up our team for other projects and enabled us to make progress on other documents. With Feazer, we can add bandwidth and professionalism, and we’re not about to stop. Thanks to Feazer, we’ve saved time, the graphic designers are happier because they’re working on added value and so are the sales people because they have all the documents they need. Thank you, Feazer.

Céline Corouge, Chief Marketing Officer



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