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How does Alumnforce strengthen its brand identity?

Founded in 2009, AlumnForce is a web and mobile community management solution operating across 15 countries.

AlumnForce caters to the requirements of corporate communities, offering services such as community networks, career centers, virtual corporate forums, mentoring, and the digitisation of internship agreements.

Presently, the company encompasses over 300 networks of diverse types, ranging from schools and universities to companies and associations of various sizes, spanning from a hundred members to over a million.

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Why choose Feazer?


AlumnForce aimed to strengthen its brand identity, initiating various projects such as revamping its graphic design of all their communication media.

Despite lacking an in-house graphic designer, the Marketing Department opted to collaborate with Feazer.

Their goal was to align all marketing materials with the new branding and elevate the impact and professionalism of sales presentations through redesign.

Thanks to the Essential package, Feazer has crafted a range of deliverables for Alumnforce:

• Digital Design: white paper

• Print Design: posters, kakemonos

• Branding Design: brand book

• Presentation Design: corporate presentations, sales reports


We reached out to Feazer during our brand identity revamp, seeking assistance in updating our documents and co-creating elements of our visual identity. Feazer exceeded our expectations by swiftly providing multiple templates, refining our graphic design, and promptly executing our vision. They adeptly adapted our sales and social media documents to various formats, showcasing remarkable responsiveness throughout the process. Thank you Feazer!

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