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How does Isispharma centralise and accelerate its graphic design production?


Founded in 1987, Isispharma is a French laboratory specializing in effective, affordable dermatological skin care products that preserve and restore the skin’s balance.

Present in over 80 countries with more than 150 employees worldwide. The laboratory works with over 14,000 dermatologists and is also present in over 40,000 pharmacies and parapharmacies.

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Marketing Manager


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Why choose Feazer?


The Marketing team sought to streamline all requests by partnering with a reliable partner, to ensure graphic consistency.

This collaboration also aims to alleviate the marketing team, which faces high demand from numerous departments within the Group for the production of communication and sales materials.

Feazer assists Isispharma in creating print, digital, and motion design media, providing reliable support to streamline the marketing process.

Thanks to the Essential & Start packages, Feazer has crafted a range of deliverables for Isispharma:

• Digital Design: stories & post social medias

• Print Design:brand brochure, posters, packaging, point-of-sale displays (screen displays, shelf headers, shelf stoppers)

• Presentation Design: sales catalogue, corporate presentations

• Motion Design : promotional videos



I’m really happy with Feazer, because they’re incredibly flexible. I can centralise everything in one place and send projects whenever I want. It’s structured, I know where I am, which project is progressing and when. The result is always perfect. At Isispharma, we’re all delighted!

Arielle Geslot

International product Manager


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