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How does Meilleurtaux manage to deploy its numerous Ads in a sustained editorial schedule?

Founded in 1999, Meilleurtaux is a French brokerage firm specializing in financial products. It has around 350 branches in France, with more than 1,300 advisors to support their customers in matters of mortgages, insurance and investments.

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500-1000 employees




Head of Acquisition / Traffic Manager


Manage the production of multi-brand visuals

Why choose Feazer ?


Meilleurtaux provides a diverse array of services—from mortgages and insurance to home loans, credit repurchase, and consumer credit—all tailored to address various financing needs.

To effectively market each service offering, the marketing team has developed distinct graphic identities, following specific brand guidelines.

Confronted with the challenge of maintaining a high rate of Ads production across multiple brands while ensuring swift publication on Meta and other channels, Meilleurtaux relies on Feazer’s organization, processes, and working methods.

Through Start packages, Feazer has crafted a range of deliverables for, including:


  • Static visuals: web banners, social media posts & stories, ads
  • Animated visuals: GIFs


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