How Feazer help Kano Consulting with its graphic design needs since 2020

Kano Consulting is a consulting firm specialized in the digital transformation of insurance and social protection players.

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Kano Consulting in brief


11 – 50 employees


Insurance / Consulting


No graphic design ressource


Kano Consulting is a consulting firm specialized in the digital transformation of insurance and social protection players. The firm was created in 2017 and now has about 15 employees.

Karen, is Chief Communication Officer and is in charge of the communication strategy of the firm and therefore of its implementation.

As part of a complete overhaul of their brand identity, Karen and Alec (one of the firm’s partners) contacted us to assist them in this important mission. The firm wanted to modernize and rejuvenate its image to reflect the DNA of the firm and their team: a young, modern and dynamic firm with consultants who are in action!

Concerning the projects to be addressed, Karen wanted to start with their logo and their graphic charter and then apply this new identity to all their print and digital media (powerpoint, visuals for social networks, website…)

Karen expressed her need and the problems she had encountered before.

The firm does not have an in-house graphic designer because it does not have a large enough need in terms of volume and frequency to take on a full-time employee.

The firm then tried to work with a freelancer to redesign their logo and graphic charter. The problems they encountered ? :

    • Finding a good graphic designer who was available and responsive when they needed one was not so easy.
    • The delivery time was quite long (3-4 weeks for the creation and delivery of their logo for example).
    • A lack of agility and speed in the ordering and delivery process. Like many freelancers and agencies, prices are not fixed in advance and the quoting and billing steps made the collaboration much less agile and flexible.

How did Feazer help Kano Consulting?

Karen and Alec contacted us and trusted us from the very first days of Feazer. They immediately understood the value and advantages of our concept.

For Karen it was especially the practicality, unlimited, reactive and without commitment that seduced them.

So Kano decided on an Essential subscription at 569€/month and we started to work on the basis of their visual identity, namely the redesign of their logo and their identity guide (mini graphic charter).

As soon as the logo and the graphic charter were validated, Karen wanted to use this new identity on their Powerpoint and social networks.

Since then, Feazer accompanies Kano on a daily basis for their various graphic needs, whether it is for their social network posts, their Powerpoint, the redesign of pictograms, the creation of web banners.


Kano Consulting video testimonial (in French)