How Feazer helps SVR Laboratories scale its graphic design production

SVR is a French dermo-cosmetic brand since 1962. The laboratory offers effective dermatological solutions for all skin types.

equipe de graphistes

SVR laboratories in brief


200 – 500 employees




To scale graphic design production


 Several Standard / Pro plans


SVR is a French dermo-cosmetic brand since 1962. The laboratory offers effective dermatological solutions for all skin types.

Recommended by health professionals, Laboratoires SVR products are now sold in more than 50 countries. SVR is known for its application in advanced research and development of innovative dermatological care. The company has made the identification, exploitation and dosage of active ingredients its field of excellence.
SVR products are distributed mainly through a network of partner pharmacies.

The market support of this network is managed by the “Trade Marketing” department, which is in charge of the following missions:

    • Developing product strategies and action plans for the various pharmacy and drugstore networks
    • Participation in the construction of sales by network and range
    • Managing, monitoring performance and optimizing the catalog with distributors

Having a cyclical activity, the Trade Marketing department needs a solution that can offer them all the flexibility of Scaler “Up and Down” their graphics production (sales brochures, product catalogs, order forms, POS…) and this according to the commercial cycles.

Also, it is difficult for them to anticipate graphic design needs, hence the need to find a partner who can offer great reactivity with a wide range of skills.

How did Feazer help SVR Laboratories?

The needs being quite varied with a large volume, Feazer gathered a “pool of graphic designers” with complementary skills in order to make SVR’s graphic production capacity more flexible.

The SVR product managers were our relays for exchanging briefs and monitoring the progress of production. They were also our privileged contacts to discuss upcoming peaks in activity and constraints in terms of execution time. From this point of view, the Feazer platform, which structures and standardizes the input of briefs and revisions, was key to gaining productivity.


Feazer allowed the realization of the following graphics in only 3 weeks:

    • 1 Shelf Wobbler
    • 1 Product brochure 38 pages
    • 20 social network banners
    • 1 point-of-sale advertising
    • 1 Price list 4 pages
    • 1 prescription booklet
    • 1 medical brochure 37 pages
    • 1 prospecting book of 12 pages