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How are SVR increasing and accelerating their
graphics production capacity?

Established in 1962, SVR stands as a distinguished French dermo-cosmetics brand. Pioneering effective dermatological solutions for diverse skin types, its laboratory has garnered global recognition.

Presently, Laboratoires SVR distributes products across more than 50 countries, through a network of partner pharmacies. Renowned for its dedication to cutting edge research, SVR specialises in crafting innovative skincare solutions.

The company excels in the identification, utilisation, and precise dosing of active ingredients, showcasing their expertise in the field.

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Why choose Feazer?



VR products predominantly reach consumers via a network of partner pharmacies. Their Trade Marketing department, tasked with:

  • Crafting product strategies and action plans tailored to different pharmacy and parapharmacy networks.
  • Contributing to sales growth across various networks and product ranges.
  • Overseeing distributor management, performance assessment, and optimising catalog offerings.

Given the cyclical nature of its operations, the Trade Marketing department sought a solution to flexibly adjust its graphics production such as, sales brochures, product catalogs, order forms, point-of-sale displays, in alignment with sales cycles.
Anticipating graphic design needs proved challenging, prompting the search for a partner capable of delivering high responsiveness and a broad skill set.

Feazer curated a team of graphic designers with diverse expertise to ensure adaptability in production capacity.
SVR Product Managers served as primary points of contact for briefing discussions and production oversight. They also facilitated discussions on anticipated activity peaks and lead time constraints.

The Feazer platform played a pivotal role by structuring and standardising brief inputs and revisions, leading to significant productivity gains.

Thanks to Essential packages, Feazer has crafted a range of deliverables for SVR:

• Digital Design : 20 social network banner variations

• Print Design : 1 shelf stopper, 1 point-of-sale display, 1 order list

• Presentation Design : 1 product brochure 38 pages, 1 price list 4 pages, 1 medical brochure 37 pages, 1 prospecting book 12 pages


The end result delivered exceptional quality, and our interactions with the teams flowed seamlessly throughout the entire process. We appreciate your responsiveness!

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