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How has Bjorg boosted the impact of its sales presentations to supermarkets?

Founded in 1988 by a nutritionist, Bjorg is a French brand specializing in organic food products for supermarkets.

In 2017, Bjorg became the first food company to be B-Corps certified, the label certifying companies according to social, environmental, transparency and responsibility criteria.

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Why choose Feazer?



Each year, Bjorg unveils its product innovations to the mass retail sector and provides reports on the market performance of its diverse products and brands. The merchandising team is tasked with creating sales support materials to optimize the placement of its products in specific retail chains.

Bjorg collaborates with Feazer to produce various sales presentations within tight timelines.Therefore, Bjorg required a partner capable of swiftly executing presentations that demand a high level of creativity.

Thanks to Essential packages, Feazer has crafted a range of deliverables for Bjorg:

• Product innovation presentations (organic plant-based drinks, organic cereals, organic bisuits, bars & snacks, Alter Ego, etc.)

• Market performance presentations of Bjorg products (organic vegetable drinks, organic cereals, organic bisuits, bars & snacks, Alter Ego, etc.)


We were looking for a fresh approach, both creatively and in terms of relationships and sales. That’s why we called on Feazer…

We were able to put Feazer to the test on several projects, including merchandising with the creation of a book, as well as customer relations for organic and world cuisine. The respect of deadlines and the creative approach convinced us to continue.

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