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We have experienced your problems

Finding the right designers is often complicated

I used to work in marketing departments. We always had lots of graphic projects, and the graphic designers we worked with were often overworked and short of bandwidth. As a result, we were falling behind on graphic projects, and this had an impact on our marketing strategy.

I spent a lot of time looking for good graphic designers and partners who were available, responsive and professional, with the skills I was looking for.

That’s when I came up with the idea for Feazer. To create the solution I would have liked to have to simplify my life: verified graphic designers, a project manager to steer and control my projects, a platform to centralize and easily manage my project briefs.

 Eric Chaffanel – CEO Feazer

We would have liked to have this solution

The ideal all-in-one graphics solution

Your dedicated project managers and graphic designers

A dedicated team with expertise in your sector for rapid onboarding of your brand.

Fast deliveries averaging 1-3 working days.

A tech platform and processes for greater efficiency

A platform for simple submission of briefs and easy management of all your projects in one place.

Internal processes designed to deliver fast, high quality work.

Regular training to keep abreast of current graphic design methods and trends.

A full range of graphic designs available

Social Networks, Meta Advertising, Print, Branding, Catalog, Motion Design, Web Design, Powerpoint, Illustration…

Graphic needs can be vast, complex and require a wide range of skills.

Digital Design

Meta ads, social media visuals, web banners, infographics, stories, Gifs ...

Print & Brand Design

Posters, flyers, packaging, product labels, kakemonos, t-shirts, leaflets, etc.

Presentation Design

Sales presentation, brochure, Powerpoint, CSR report, white paper, pitch deck, etc.

Illustration Design

Vector illustration, custom illustration, 3D illustration ...

Web Design

Web page UI, landing page UI ...

Motion Design

Presentation video, Ads video, customer testimonials, video editing ...

At Feazer, we specialize in graphic design and do ONLY graphic design. We have a multi-skilled team with experience in a wide range of industries.

We will always have a team available and experienced to help you with your creative challenges.

A unique subscription model

Our unique pricing model and fixed packages give you greater visibility and control over your budget.

Our rates are fixed and all-inclusive. No more estimates, hidden costs or nasty surprises.

Our fixed-price packages enable our customers to achieve savings of between 50 and 80% compared with traditional solutions (employees, freelancers, agencies).

An innovative alternative on the market

Feazer VS traditional solutions

In-house graphic designer

Hiring a graphic designer can be practical for handling very urgent projects, but it can also be a costly and impractical solution, especially for managing large volumes and diverse projects.


Managing and coordinating several freelancers can be complicated. This can result in unavailability, lack of responsiveness or differences in quality of work between freelancers.


Working with communications agencies can be costly, slow and inflexible. This can lead to project complexity and delays, not to mention high costs.


Using software requires a strong command of it. Can be useful for simple, repetitive tasks.



Feazer is a year-round, subscription-based service that relies on people and technology to deliver all your graphic creative quickly, qualitatively and consistently, on a large scale, all for a very competitive price.

With fully selected and managed creative talent, a platform to simplify collaborations and a clear, transparent and competitive pricing model, Feazer is the best solution for all your creative needs!

We are proud to have completed over 5,000 projects for more than 200 clients, including :

Et plus encore…

Benefits for your team

Saving time

A dedicated team with expertise in your sector for rapid onboarding of your brand.

Fast delivery, on average within 1 to 3 working days.

Making life easier

No more need to spend weeks building up your branding skills.

No more obscure requests for quotes and rates.

No more searching for a graphic designer in a hurry because your existing designers aren’t available.

No more going back and forth on your projects because you haven’t mastered the basics of graphic design.

No more extra costs for source files or rights to your designs.

How does it work?

1- Briefing

Submit one or more project briefs from your Feazer customer space


Your dedicated team carries out your projects one by one, and delivers within 1 to 3 days on average.

Add subscriptions if you want to handle several orders at the same time.


Make as many revisions as necessary, and collect your deliverables and all your source files.

Is your project complete? We’ll move on to the next project.

Ready? Get started tomorrow

Feazer helps all businesses preserve their most precious resource: their time.

Partner with us and revolutionise your approach to graphic design.