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How did Télérama increase the production capacity of its digital visuals?

Founded in 1947, Télérama is a weekly French cultural magazine. It covers cinema, documentaries, music, literature, theater and cultural life in general.
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Télérama faces the significant challenge of transitioning “traditional” readers to the digital version of the magazine and acquiring new customers, especially the younger generation, directly through the magazine’s digital platform. To accomplish this, numerous marketing campaigns are conducted on Google and Meta, necessitating the creation of a substantial volume of visuals that require regular updates.

Confronted with this challenge, Télérama seeks an agile, dependable, and meticulous partner to produce all variations of their digital visuals, including static and animated formats, ensuring their marketing efforts remain fresh and engaging.

Thanks to the Start packages, Feazer has crafted a range of deliverables for Télérama:

• Digital Design: posts & stories ads, banners

• Print Design: magazine cover

• Motion Design: advertising videos


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