Why work with Feazer

Learn how our service differs from traditional graphic design solutions


Employee Freelancer Agency Feazer


Time to source + Contract management Time to source + Quote management Time to source + Quote management





1 to several days Several days Several days / weeks


1-3 days on average



Emails, voice, various project management tools Emails, voice, various project management tools Emails, voice, various project management tools


Feazer platform


Graphic skills set Limited Specialised Depends on the agency


Complete (Digital, Print)


Cost (monthly) Net salaries + taxes


On quotation


On quotation Fixed monthly fee – from 600$/mo
Commitment Work contract Short to mid-term commitment Short to long-term commitment No commitment


Save time and money


Don’t spend hours on Adobe or Canva making your own graphics or weeks looking for the right designers for your projects.

Save money every month and focus on your more strategic and high value actions for your team.

All your projects under one platform


Manage all your projects online with your Feazer project manager

Enter your briefs easily

By answering a few questions and providing us with all the attachments you want.

Exchange quickly

With your dedicated project manager who manages your projects and keeps you informed of their progress.

Manage your projects easily

All your projects managed in the same place. Your exchanges and files are grouped by project.

What your team can do for you

We do 😋


  • Web and social media visuals (static and dynamic)
  • Print
  • Brochure / Catalog / Corporate presentation / Powerpoint
  • Packaging & labels
  • Clothing and accessories
  • Short GIF (less than 5 sec)
  • Modern illustration
  • Infographic

    We DON’T do 🤭


    • Web & mobile design
    • Logo & branding identity
    • Hand made illustration
    • Videos and graphic animations (video editing, complex animation, motion design (available soon), Powerpoint animation)
    • Complex photo editing (editing, manipulation and complex editing of photos. Purchase of photos)
    • HTML / CSS (any programming language. Coding and integration in emailing tools. UX study and design)
    • Content / Copywriting / Data (creation, input, reconsolidation/reconciliation of texts or data. Drafting or correction of written content)
    • Production media outside the Adobe suite (we do not make graphics in Word, Excel, emailing tools, Figma, Sketch…)

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